Total  QUARTZ 9000 SM 5W40
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Total QUARTZ 9000 SM 5W40

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Category:Engine Oil
Premiun Fully synthetic multigrade oil for passenger car engine

ē API SM/CF (API Donut)
ē ACEA A3/B3
ē Ford, GM, PSA, BMW, VW, Audi and Mercedes-Benz
1 User Reviews

If You Have Free Time to Look for it

18 Jul 2011 12:35AM

Duration of product used: 3 months

Car Setup:
Peugeot 207 1.6

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Elf Excellium SM 5W40

Maker recommended. Engine feels lighter.

Not easy to find.
Comes in only 4litre bottles, which means you have to buy 2 bottles

The Review:
I searched high and low for this, only to find it in very unlikely places. As compared to Elf which I have religiously put into my engine, total makes the engine a lil quieter than normal. Very slight change in consumption, but also makes the car feel lighter till about 8000km.

I think I'm gonna give it one more oil change to see a prolong effect.

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KeanuShenzo Hi Starsailor,

I'm using this Total 9000SM past 18 months and it's really not bad if compare to other oil maker of grade 5W-40 etc. Shell, Castro, Caltex.
I got limited stock of Total 9000SM 5W-40 as i'm switching to racing engine oil with API SN. Please email me at if you wanna get 1-2 bottles from me at $65 per bottle.
18 Jul 2011 11:40AM

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